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Wed Jan 29
  • Cafe du Nord
  • 7:30pm
  • 21+
Noise Pop Presents

DEWR + King Willow

The Turnouts



New single Serenity from San Francisco singer-songwriter DEWR – AKA Brian Dewar– is, in many ways, about itself.

“It’s about not being able to have it all,” says Dewar. “You have a finite amount of energy and attention you can give to things. When you push really hard to excel at something – music, for me – other things fall by the wayside.”

Delivered by someone who has been playing shows for less than a year, Dewar’s message is a powerful one; “making it,” even as a new musician, takes sacrifice. Bravery. A willingness to really bust your ass. And it’s something that Dewar is no longer a stranger to - having risen to popularity over a relatively short period of time, his new music speaks volumes about his musical character.

Recorded to tape, Serenity is daring and unique, striving to create a sense of positivity and spontaneity in fast-paced analog. Featuring speedy drums, thick rhythm guitars under floating lead lines, and la-la-la’s that border on gang vocal territory, “Serenity,” from a distance, seems to intentionally subvert its own title. The reality, however, is just the opposite; Dewar is in love with music, and no matter the sacrifice and misery that may entail, he’s learning to revel in it.