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Fri Jun 07
  • Cafe du Nord
  • 8:00pm
  • 21+
Noise Pop Presents

The Range of Light Wilderness (Solo)

red steppes, Sis


The Range of Light Wilderness (Solo)

The Range of Light Wilderness makes you feel like that old beach blanket in your trunk might really be a magic carpet. Roll it out, and go for a sandy ride in the sky. It's all moonlight and waves here, pine-pitch and sunshine.

The band is a three piece centered on songwriter Tommy Frank MacDonald. The sound is hushed and catchy, melodically magical, beachy pop. Songs are born from long days in Big Sur, where Tommy dwells on high ridge top, in the center of a sunset.

Gnome Life has recorded and released on double album cassette by The Range of Light Wilderness, and a full length LP/CD.

Red Steppes

red steppes’ debut A Mouth May Grow was rooted firmly in the topography of California; her sophomore release Arcs (Native Cat Recordings, out May 31 2019) is the fruit of a series of displacements, disturbances, and reorientations. Stylistically diverse, the album delivers minimalist guitar pop, mathy folk, and even a Peter Gabriel-tinged meditation on loss, finding equilibrium in songwriter Nika Aila States’ intimate vocals. Arcs is plush with the kind of photographic lyricism States began exploring with A Mouth May Grow; songs fondly addressed to lovers are mindful of an inevitable transience, lullabies keep account both of the world’s smallest gestures and its great ruins, and a series of scenes unfold as a prayer of sustenance, a knowing salutation aimed at fellow travelers and sailors-by-the-wind.


Sis is a serendipitous, scary and smooth combustion between Jenny Gillespie Mason (voice, synth, guitar, piano), Rob Shelton (synth, vocals, programming, piano), Carly Bond (electric guitar, synth, vocals, bass clarinet) Joseph Adamik (drums, bass clarinet, marimba,) Andrew Maguire (drums, marimba,) Jamie Riotto (bass, synth). Sis began as a spontaneous shedding/sculpting session of songwriting and recording between former folkie Gillespie Mason, with a handful of her compositions begun on the OP-1 synth, and producer Shelton, a longtime engineer at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and Oakland. From there, the spectres of Steve Reich, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Kate Bush, D'Angelo, Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac began to seep into the making. Their first album Euphorbia was born in a slow frenzy of true experimentation and joyful discernment, and is now out on Native Cat.