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Thu Sep 19
  • Cafe du Nord
  • 7:30pm
  • All Ages
Noise Pop Presents


Junior Mesa



Victor Internet is an 18-year-old Mexican-American producer/singer from Chicago, Illinois. His versatility gives him the ability to blend all genres into well-crafted tracks. While gaining over 250k monthly listeners on Spotify, Victor has also supported popular acts such as Cuco, Cautious Clay and Still Woozy on sold out tours. This fall, Victor will release his debut EP on Terrible Records.

Junior Mesa

For as much as technology urges us to look forward, it encourages us to study the past as well.

Junior Mesa channels a timeless sound by way of modern means. Rather than comb stacks of record stores, the 19-year-old Bakersfield, CA singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist culls influence from a YouTube search history spanning everyone from Wes Montgomery and Ella Fitzgerald to Jimi Hendrix and Sly & The Family Stone. Under this digitized classic spell, he not only sings with shuddering soul, but he also plays guitar, drums, piano, and bass with understated and instinctual virtuosity. As such, he generated over one-hundred thousand Soundcloud plays and fueled a palpable buzz.

“It’s crazy, because the internet introduced me to all of this old school music,” he explains. “There’s a slower pace that my generation sort of needs, because our lives are so fast and frantic. For me, music is peace. It’s what I want to share.”

Growing up in the sleepy California “oil town” of Bakersfield “where nobody really leaves,” songs doubled as a refuge from suburban boredom. In sophomore year of high school, he picked up his grandfather’s guitar and taught himself Nirvana’s “Lithium.” From there, he “couldn’t put the guitar down.” Mired in loneliness and haunted by rough bouts of anxiety, he spent countless hours perfecting his talents on the instrument and penning songs. Opting to skirt college, he moved out of his parents’ house and took a job at a local grocery store.

All the while, he fashioned a singular sonic style and spirit.

“I’m trying to bring together seventies, alternative, funk, soul, indie, rock, and old school jazz,” he continues. “I aim to build a world. It’s why I’m personally playing everything and writing all of the lyrics. I create it all piece by piece.”

As he architects his forthcoming debut and plots touring for 2019 and beyond, Junior represents a new era for classic vibes that offers something much deeper and necessary for today.

“I hope people get whatever they need from the music,” he leaves off. “Personally, it comes back to giving me serenity. We all feel different things. A sad song can often make you feel good. You finally know somebody is thinking the same thing you are. If I can connect that way, I know I’m doing something right.”